Coming and going into this, this real world of something we’ve never seen before, seen all too often and will never see again, until the next time around. Can’t even find the trauma within, doesn’t have much weight in the light of the given circumstances. Isolation was always the name of the game, I’m the master. Nothing has changed. Everything is changing. I’m still here regardless.

I’ve had much time to think, yet not really. I don’t know what I’m saying, nothing much to say, nothing enough to find weight in light of the given circumstances. There we go again, here we are, nothing to blame, yet all are at fault. It just goes to show how much meaning it never had to begin with. It’s inherent worth has been defined by the very moment supporting our awareness of its existence.

That moment has changed.

Everything has changed. Nothing is different. I’m still here. We are still here. Most likely will be for some time, the only true constant, and we can’t even rely on that.

Someone let the demon in, and demons have a way of wielding truth, laying waste to the lies we live, cleansing our senses just long enough to make us think they might be angels. And what is an angel without a demon? What is truth without pain? What is salvation without suffering?

Lucky us, we’re in for all of it. It’s always been here, we just couldn’t see it for our lies kept us blind. We’re learning how to stop lying now. We’re seeing the value of truth, no matter how brutal it may be. No price is too dear to be paid for this enlightenment, especially when the credit has run out.