Mixed Media on plywood 12"x12" 2015

Mixed Media on plywood

I began this piece about November 2014, finished it more or less early 2015. The materials selected held little more for me than aesthetic value, however I select every piece of media knowing it will create some kind of sensation. It’s no accident that I gravitate towards the printed media of the middle 20th century; apart from its nostalgic beauty it holds much to be said about our culture and where it has come from and how far at that.

Each cycle of work tends to be defined by the body of material I have gathered in preparation. This is part of the beauty of collage; the materials take the piece places I wouldn’t have thought to. This new series found its beginnings in a sizable collection of encyclopedias from the late 1960’s ¬†and a mountain of LIFE magazines spanning the 1950’s-70’s.