More from the Mr. Redman cycle, bringing back a childhood memory:

I had a Baconesque dream as a kid, must have been 8 years or so. In some place called “The Mad House”, exterior was my childhood home, interior had echoes of our church, the LDS Arco Ward. Much chaos, much terror, wanting only to be outside and free of it all. Most pertinent scene: tall room, red curtains to the ceiling. Very tall, something in excess of 30 ft. Dark figure descends from high place, cloaked, somewhat royal, somewhat religious, but crawling on all fours. It’s head was something of a heavy skull, facial features not particularly human, pale white and fracturing. It had the violence of a hammer. It seemed to crash down to the floor with a force to that ejected shards of skull, only to reveal more skull beneath. Very dense, very heavy sense to it.