I want to connect with you. I want you to connect with this world, with me, with all. Connections are the secret to the universe. Connections speak the only pure language, that is, anti-language. They need no language at all. But we do, and they are kind enough to suffer our limited perception. They wear our metaphors nicely.

I want to make you laugh. We feel each other through laughter. We’d like to say that we just giggle and forget, but that’s not really true. It stays, after a good laugh sneezed it into the back of your deepest brain. You carry it around forever, in different shades and shapes and sounds, but it never leaves you.

That’s what I want to do. I want you to carry me around with you, till you’re all done and ready cash in. I carry you, sometimes more than I want to. But I figured out that you are here to teach me about myself, and I’m here to offer you the same.

I know you feel this because I feel this.

I want you to laugh because I love you. I want you to investigate a mystery because I respect you. I offer my true hand because I honor you.

It may end up looking like a joke; the levity of the images, the vulnerability of the words. But that joke will be the sneeze your brain needs to catch my offering. Something of a gestalt; the grotesque humor and vulnerable honesty. A vague language dances with a clear and direct one. The anti-language lies in the alchemy of the opposing forces.

Not so opposing after all. Merely complimenting.